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Dongguan IMR Machinery Co., LTD was founded in early 2005.  The company founder name company IMR (IN MOULDING ROLL) based on one of a kind technology called in mold decoration.  The company is located in southern china industrial city-Dongguan city, chang’an town;  IMR technology focused on the overall package, including IMR mold design, IMR foil feeding machine, IMR foil development and product, IMR clean room injection molding, and the whole production process.

Since the world economy requires more stylish designs, and be more environmentally friendly, and lightweight product design, yet, that is what IMR came into place. IMR product has been used in a wide range of consumer products such as notebook, mobile phone lenses, household appliances, car dashboard decorative panels, automotive interior parts, medical instrument panels, cosmetics boxes, children’s toys, and other complex cosmetics surface design.  As compared to the traditional spray painting product, it required multiple step such as: 1. Injection, 2. Electro-plating, 3. spraying, 4. Imprinting. As for the process of IMR is completely simple and eco-friendly: all 4 step of spray painting combined to ONE: that is the advantage of IMR.

Dongguan IMR machinery Co., LTD was the first company that enter southern china with one of the kind technology: In-mold decoration by Roller. Also the first company that have full IMR package that required for mass production of IMR products.  Since the year of 2005, IMR had been selling Film feeder, to manufacturing precision IMR mold.  Though out the year, IMR had accumulated a lot of experience in developing IMR technologies.  IMR have the most complete, and state of art equipment, and the best professional services for IMR technology.

 IMR is dedicated to value adding your product.



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